Social Responsibility

Tiger is working to improve standards of health, education and well-being for people living in the Katanga province, coordinated by a full-time officer of the Company. Programmes are designed in consultation with the local communities and service institutions, who are engaged from an early stage to promote the initiatives to becoming self-sustaining community projects.

These activities include:


- Construction of a school at Kangambwa Village providing adequate facilities for +600 pupils
- Donation of teaching manuals and support material to Kangambwa school
- Implementing an Information Technology Support and Promotion programme at Ankoro Secondary School
- Providing solar panels for electricity generation and laptop computers with internet access at Ankoro Secondary School
- Installation of a server and five computers with mining and geology software at Lumbumbashi University.


- Installation of a water pump at Kangambwa Village providing potable water to over 1000 people
- Construction of a clinic at Kangambwa to provide medical assistance to local communities
- Partnering with CURE to supply medical equipment to various clinics in the Katanga region
- Raising awareness of HIV/AIDS through workplace and peer education sessions.


- Maintaining a policy of hiring local residents first. Agriculture
- Improvement of local agriculture through the provision of training to local communities
- Initiation of gardening activities to develop underused land to produce vegetable
- Installation of water tanks and drip irrigation systems
- Providing agricultural materials and equipment to the local communities.