Lupoto - Mwana & Mwana East

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The Mwana and Mwana East anomalies are located 2km apart and lie in the same structural corridor. They were both identified by Tiger’s exploration team from a soil sampling programme.

The programme identified the two distinct, cohesively contoured copper-in-soil anomalies within an area of approximately 2km by 2km.

Mwana East is the larger of the two anomalies and has a dimension of approximately 1700m by 800m with peak value of 546ppm Cu, relative to background levels of below 60ppm.

Mwana East Soil Samples

The results indicate copper mineralisation is more widespread than previously thought and provide further evidence that Lupoto has the potential to host large-scale copper deposits.

The anomalies correlate well with regional structural features, considered to be favourable for introducing copper mineralising fluids.